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Majestic Maids Philosophy

Who We Serve

We service all of Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities. Clients of Majestic Maids are people seeking to gain a few precious hours of time by hiring someone to take the burden of house cleaning off of their already hectic schedule. Most of the time our clients are working professionals, retirees or even stay at home moms who have their hands full doing the most important job of all….raising a family.

When We Serve

All of our scheduled cleaning times are performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm. We try very hard to give our clients the choice of when they prefer to have our cleaning team come to their home. Further details and options may be discussed with our Client Services Coordinator to review available times.

How We Clean

Majestic Maids strives to use environmentally safe cleaning products as much as possible. We never want to bring a harsh potentially toxic cleaning chemical into a client's home. Simply put, it is better for your health as well as the health of our team members. Majestic Maids attempts to use chemicals that have been tested and “green seal” certified. Naturally, using cleaning agents that meet the strict “green seal” guidelines is not possible in all circumstances. There are certain tasks that may require a stronger chemical to get the job done. However, products such as bleach or ammonia will never be used as part of our cleaning process.

Cleaning With Green

Majestic Maids strives to use as many “green seal certified” cleaning agents in your home that are practical and possible. We believe that “green” products are not only better for the environment, but better for you and your family’s health as well. The use of microfiber cleaning cloths and vacuum cleaners equipped with high level filtration systems significantly reduce particles that may become airborne during the cleaning process.

Your Confidence Is Key

We understand that it may seem a bit uncomfortable to have other people in your home at first, especially while you may be at work or running the kids to the next sporting event. You can be assured that Majestic Maids carefully screens employees and conducts background security checks on each staff member before they are allowed to work in your home. Additionally, all staff members are bonded through Western Surety Co.

What To Look For In A Cleaning Service

There are significant differences between hiring an individual person to clean your home and hiring a professional service.  Often times, the individual person who cleans homes “on the side” as a way to earn extra weekend spending money won’t carry the proper liability or workman’s compensation insurance. This protects the homeowner from any responsibility in the event that a piece of furniture gets damaged or if that cleaning person would get injured while cleaning.  We encourage homeowners to make sure that whoever they choose to clean their home is fully insured and bonded and does a thorough background check on all their employees.  Majestic Maids can provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.

Secondly, we encourage homeowners to make sure that the company or individual person they hire is reporting social security, medicare and federal withholding taxes from their employees or themselves.  What most people don’t realize is that if they hire an individual to clean their home and pay them more than $1400.00 per year, they are required to treat that person as an employee. They are to withhold all those taxes and file quarterly payroll taxes for them, unless of course, that person is set up as a legal entity that does this.  All of our team members are direct employees of Majestic Maids, we also never hire sub-contractors to do the work, therefore you can be assured that all the taxes, insurance, bonding are handled and reported in the legal and proper manner. 

Delicate Hands

Our courteous and uniformed cleaning staff takes extra care to be as gentle with your furnishings as possible. If we do accidentally damage something in your home, we will notify you that day and make arrangements to repair or replace it. Majestic Maids also carries a three million dollar liability policy to insure that you will be covered in any circumstance. In addition to that, we also carry workman’s compensation insurance on our staff members so you don’t have to.

Creation Of Time

When you allow someone else to clean your home, you’re not only freeing yourself from those tedious and tiresome housekeeping chores, but you’re also creating time.  Time that can be spent on the more important things in life such as family and friends….or perhaps just a little extra time for you.
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