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Fort Wayne Home Cleaning

Q:    What time does the cleaning team arrive at my home?

A:    When we schedule your cleaning, we will offer you various time slot openings.  We try and pinpoint a 1 hour window of when the crew may arrive.

Q:    How long will it take to clean my home?

A:    Every home is unique and the time will vary from one home to another.  We do offer free in home estimates. We can then give you a general idea of how long it will take to clean your home.

Q:    Are we bonded and insured?

A:    Yes, all of our employees are bonded through the Western Surety Company. We carry three million dollars of generally liability insurance.  Additionally, we carry workmanís compensation insurance on all our staff members.

Q:    Will I have the same people coming each week to clean?

A:    Generally speaking yes, we make every attempt to send the same team of maids each service visit.  There may be times when we substitute one of the team members due to illness, vacations or new personnel.

Q:    How do you screen your employees?

A:    Our team members go through a multiple stage interview process before being hired.  We also use several methods of screening such as national background criminal searches and personality profiling.  We know that certain personality types will perform better in this type of job and we work hard at finding them.

Q:    Do we clean windows?

A:    We will clean front door glass and patio door glass.  Typically the other windows in the home should only need cleaned 1 or 2 times per year.  Because of insurance reasons, we donít clean those windows.  However, we can recommend a few different companies that specialize in residential window cleaning.

Q:    How do the maids gain access to my home?

A:    Some clients give us a key, which is secured at our office until it is issued to the assigned team on the day of the cleaning and returned and secured that same day.  Other clients provide a garage door keypad code or perhaps leave a door unlocked.  We always make sure the home is secure when we leave for the day.

Q:    What do I do about my pets?

A:    For our maidís safety, we suggest that pets be secured or put in an area of the home we will not be cleaning.

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